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Fundraising Essentials for Small Nonprofits

Your situation? I am an Executive Director of a small nonprofit with 0-2 FTE fundraising staff. I need guidance from an experienced fundraiser to help us find donors, raise more money, and manage my time. 

Our solution: Coaching and Thought Partnership 

Starting at $850/month for established U.S.-based nonprofit organizations with up to a $350,000 annual operating budget.  

Your situation? Our small nonprofit is motivated to do our first (or next) campaign, but we don't know where to begin! We need more resources and guidance from someone who has been there.

Our solution: Mini-Campaign Planning 

Starting at $1,250/month for established U.S.-based nonprofit organizations with campaigns up to $250,000.  

Fractional Fundraising

Your situation? We are a growing organization that needs affordable, flexible, experienced fundraising services, resource development, and guidance, but we can't afford someone full-time. 

Our solution: Fractional Fundraising 

Starting at $4,000/month for established U.S. nonprofit organizations. 

Your situation? We need an experienced grant writer to help us gather our ideas, stories, numbers, plans, actions, impacts, and evaluations and advise on relationships and strategies with funders

Our solution: Grant Writing+

Starting at $3,500/month for established U.S.-based nonprofit organizations.

***Limited availability as of May 2024***

Fundraising Planning

Your situation? We just completed (or are about to complete) our strategic plan. We have great program and project ideas and engaged constituents, but we need to find more funding and reach more donors. We need to organize our fundraising processes to maximize our existing resources.   

Our solution: Results-Oriented Fundraising Plan

Starting at $10,000 for established U.S.-based nonprofit organizations.  

Fundraising Campaigns

Your situation? We are planning a fundraising campaign and need expert guidance to ensure success. We want to make data-driven decisions, engage our leadership and Board, maximize our fundraising potential, and build strong, lasting relationships with our donors.

Our solution: Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign Support

Contact us to discuss your needs and develop a customized proposal. 

Additional Services

Every nonprofit has its own needs and culture, and we strive to meet you where you are. Contact us for more information on these other services:  

Coming Soon: Fundraising + Human Resources  = a new approach to sustaining your organization's resource development. 

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